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Site Updated : 20 October, 2017


League game 2 v 17 October 2017 Home Captain
FC Stags v Bell B 5 - 11 0 - 1
Black Cat v Blackwells 4 - 12 1 - 0
Plough v FC Bulls 5 - 11 1 - 0
Windmill v Bowls Club A 11 - 5 1 - 0
Bowls Club B v Anchor 11 - 5 0 - 1

highest checkout: 112 - Paul (Bell B)

Problems with teams NOT sending in the results and then confusion over the results:
This type of problem would be averted if both the teams send me their results promptly. We have tried to make sending the results as easy as possible, you can phone or text in the results or use the website but still I've got to chase Andy and he then tries to find out the results. I don't mind how many times I receive the results - if one person or all of the team send it in “great” then at least I will have it and can sort out any discrepancies while it's fresh in people's minds.

Thank you -- Trevor


Alan Tyler 180 - Windmill

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Team By Whom voted
Anchor   no
Bell B   no
Black Cat   no
Blackwells Paul Coburn  yes
Bowls Club A Janet Mennell  yes
Bowls Club B John Wheatley yes
FC Bulls Little Steve yes
FC Stags Adam Mitchell-Gears yes
Plough   no
Windmill Paul Tyler  yes

To clarify some comments received :- All VENUES have 1 vote.
See voting table below.

Next Game

League game 3 v 24 October 2017
Bowls Club A v Plough
FC Bulls v Black Cat
Blackwells v FC Stags
Bell B v Anchor
Windmill v Bowls Club B

Players Wanted

The Anchor is struggling for players this season - so if you know of anyone that might be interested in playing please get them to contact Vivien on 07541 999660 or point them to the website.
Many thanks