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Site Updated : 26 September, 2018

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25 September 2018 Prelim Round  – 1st  Leg League Cup
02 October 2018 Prelim Round  – 2nd  Leg 1st leg 2nd leg Result
Bowls Club A v Bell B 7 - 8   -     -  
Anchor v Bowls Club B   -     -     -  
Anchor v Bowls B match postponed due to Anchor unable to field a team
The Anchor has now been eliminated from the League Cup ( Rule 7. Tied Cup Matches “If a team fails to turn up for any leg of the match, the opposing team will automatically be put through to the next round regardless of the score from any previous match” )


New League Format
501 Straight Off
6 x singles 1 leg
3 x pairs (all 3 legs)
Captains Cup also counts as 1 leg for league

Printable Score Sheet

Next Game

League Cup
02 October 2018 Prelim Round  – 2nd  Leg
Bell B v Bowls Club A

Queries about the new league

1. When should the captain’s name for the captain’s match we put up?
Answer: at any time before the commencement of the captain’s match.

2. On what legs should we play for pint on?
Answer: playing for a pint is optional (but recommended) and should be played on the doubles games with the losers buying their winners a pint.

3. What happens if a team turns up with less than six players?
Answer: players can only play once in the singles and once in the doubles, if a game cannot be played then it is forfeited with the other team claiming the point, therefore if a team has only 5 players then the maximum they can achieve is 12 out of the possible 16 points.

4. Is the captain’s leg played in cup matches?
Answer: No, the captain’s leg is only played in league matches.