Match Rules 2019/2020 SEASON

This is a friendly league so these rules should only be used as a guideline with captain’s discretion on Match order etc.
Home team to put names on board first, which starts at 8:45 p.m. prompt, if after 10 minutes from the allotted start time a team (whether home or away) is not ready then they lose a leg and then a further leg every 10 minutes from then.
3 x Match series consist of a total of 15 games - straight off, “bust”- played in the following order:
  • 3 x Pairs playing three games of 501 - straight off.
  • 6 x Singles playing one game of 501 - straight off.
  • Captains cup - one game of 501 - straight off. (counts only towards the captains cup)
A player can only play once in each of the above 3 matches series but may play in one, two or more of different matches.
In the Singles the players may only play once and the team forfeits any games that they cannot play.
In the Doubles, Each pair must be unique (i.e. the same pairing cannot play in more than 1 game). If a team cannot produce a unique pairing than they forfeit any game that cannot be played.
Home team chalks all the games and throws first on the odd games - 1st, 3rd, 5th etc games.
When the Match has commenced then a maximum of 6 darts per player are allowed for “warm-up” prior to the game commencing.
If a team fails to turn up for a match, the opposing team will claim the match 10 - 0.
Captain’s Cup - anyone can play this leg playing one game of 501 - straight off.
No substitutions for singles/doubles competitions, if you win and can’t play the next round the loser goes through.
2. Reserves / Late players
Reserve players are allowed in ALL fixtures (except singles/doubles competitions). If a player fails to turn up by the time that they are due to play then a reserve player may be substituted and played in their place. The reserve player must be one that isn’t due to play in that particular Match series.
(IE if a player fails to turn up for the pairs then ANY player who is not down for ANY games in the pairs may play in place of the player who failed to turn up).
If the player then turns up they may not play as a reserve in that particular Match series but can play in any of the remaining Match series.
3. Dart boards
A good dart board will be in place for the start of the season, with any worn dart board replaced.
Length of throw shall be 7 ft 9 1/4 ins from the face of the board and a height of the board shall be 5 ft 8 3/4 ins to the centre of the bulls eye.
Exception: ladies can, if they wish, throw from 7’ 6”
4. Trophies
All winners are fully responsible for their cups/plates etc, if you lose them your team will be charged for their replacement.
5. Results
BOTH team captains are to notify the match results by the afternoon following the fixture using any of the following:
  • The form on the website
  • Contacting Andy Fyfe direct
  • Email to
note: if your fixture is postponed please notify us as above.
The league tables or cup results sheets (when completed) can be viewed on the website.
6. Registration
Each team will pay a £60.00 signing on fee - payable by 1st November.
NO player is able to change teams midseason unless by consent of the majority of the league captains.
A maximum of 2 guest players per match can play once the season has commenced. (Note - a guest player is one that hasn’t played for ANY team in the league or has played as a guest player for a different team this season).
7. Cup Matches
Qualification for cup competitions: To be eligible to play in KO Cup or League Cup semi-finals & finals a player must have played a minimum of 5 Matches (any matches in the League or Cups count) before commencement of the semi-finals & finals. The same ruling applies to the Single & Doubles competition.
In the event of a tied score, All players that played are to be included in the 1001 play off, although if one team has less players then the opposing captain may drop players from his squad to make the numbers equal.
If a team fails to turn up for any leg of the match, the opposing team will automatically be put through to the next round regardless of the score from any previous match
ANY problems or queries please contact Trevor on or Andy on 01442 833492