Ladies Competition

  Ladies Competition
Date 12 May 2020
Venue Anchor

The ladies competition is a Knockout type competition. ANY ladies from the teams can play as it is not limited by the number of players per team only by gender.

We will try and run the competition on 1 night only, the format of the matches will consist of 3 games of 401- straight off, “bust”,

Entrants for the competition MUST let the draw master (Andy Fyfe or his nominated representative) know their names and club by 8:20 on the night of the competition so that their names can be added on the LADIES COMPETITION SHEET with the draw taking place at 8:30 pm on the competition night.

Ok now I will set it out step by step.

  1. Competitor’s names are added to the LADIES COMPETITION NAME SHEET on the night of the competition.
  2. At 8:30 the sheet will be closed (no more names to be added).
  3. The remaining spaces on the LADIES COMPETITION NAME SHEET will be annotated with the word “bye”.
  4. Andy Fyfe will then enter all the “byes” onto the LADIES COMPETITION SHEET in the following order:
    • the 1st bye going on Game 1
    • the 2nd bye on Game 2
    • the 3rd bye on Game 3, etc, until all of the byes are used.
  5. Numbered counters 1,2,3,4,5, etc (probably small bits of paper with the numbers written on) will then be placed into the draw “hat” (or suitable container). The amount of counters will be the same as people on the LADIES COMPETITION NAME SHEET.

The Draw

  1. An unbiased person will be asked to draw out the numbered counters one at a time.
  2. The name on the LADIES COMPETITION NAME SHEET that corresponds to the number drawn will added to the LADIES COMPETITION SHEET, starting at the first blank space and continuing the draw until all the places have been filled.

The Competition

  1. The competition is a knockout, tournament where the loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated from the tournament.
  2. Starting at game1, the winner will play in the next round or in the case of playing against a “bye” when they will automatically play in the next round.
  3. We then proceed to Game2 with the above conclusions taking effect and carry on until all the Games in that particular round have been completed.
  4. We then proceed to the next round using the same criteria as in point 2 & 3
  5. The Final match is to be played on presentation night, the winner becomes the Ladies Champion.

Note if there is a time problem then the rounds can be rescheduled for the following weeks by mutual agreement – this will be agreed by Andy Fyfe on the night.