Ladies Competition

8 May 2018
Ladies Competition
Venue Bowls Club

The ladies competition is a Knockout type competition. ANY ladies from the teams can play as it is not limited by the number of players per team only by gender.

We will try and run the competition on 1 night only, the format of the matches will consist of 3 games of 401- straight off, “bust”, but there is a time constraint of a maximum 10 minutes for the 1st Match, if after 10 minutes the match hasn’t come to a conclusion then the 3 games changes to a single game.

Entrants for the competition MUST let the draw master (Andy Fyfe) know their names and club by 8:20 on the night of the competition so that their names can be added on the LADIES COMPETITION SHEET with the draw taking place at 8:30 pm on the competition night.

Ladies Competition Name Sheet
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 Deta Hedman Bell B
11 Aileen de Graaf Anchor
12 Sharon Prins Bell B
13 Corrine Hammond Bell B

The name sheet consists of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 players (depending on how many players there are in the competition). It is unlikely that we will have exactly one of these numbers so there are byes for any "un-named" players, with the byes going on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. matches.

With the example above there are 3 byes (14,15 & 16) therefore the first 3 players numbers drawn will receive a walk-over to the next round.

The first match starts at 8:45 p.m. prompt with the loser chalking the following match.

Therefore if the draw was 5, 3, 11,6,10 etc the form would look like the following:

Ladies Competition
  Draw - Player - - Team - Score
Game 1 14 Bye    
5 name from sheet    
Game 2 15 Bye    
3 name from sheet    
Game 3 16 Bye    
11 Aileen de Graaf Anchor  
Game 4 6 name from sheet    
10 Deta Hedman Bell B