Singles / Doubles Competition

Teams in the competition can have 2 entrants (A & B) - There is no advantage or disadvantage being A or B because when the team number draw is done the games could be A v A, B v B, A v B or B v A.

Note: After the relevant competition has commenced, if a member cannot play then NO substitute may be played, if you win and can’t play the next round the “loser” goes through.

Teams will let the "Draw Master" (Andy Fyfe) know thier entrants at least 1 WEEK BEFORE the night of the competition so that their names can be added on the TEAM NUMBER COMPETITION SHEET

The draw will take place one week before the night of the competition at one of the darts matches.

The first match starts at 8:45 p.m. prompt with the loser chalking the following match.

Semi Finals & Finals matches are on Presentation Night

The forms for the Singles/Doubles competition can be found under the Information/Forms tab above - when the draw has been done the relevant match lists will be placed here

  Singles Competition
Date 02 June 2020
Venue Black Cat
  Doubles Competition
Date 26 May 2020
Venue Football Cup