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Site Updated : 21 May, 2015


League game 21   19 May 2015 HOME CAPTAIN
Blackwells v Green Dragon 12 4 0 1
Plough B v Windmill 9 7 1 0
FC Stags v Plough A 5 11 1 0
Black Cat v FC Bulls 7 9 1 0
Bowls Club B v Bell B 6 10 1 0
Anchor v Bowls Club A 3 13 0 1

Next Game

26 May 2015
League game 22
Bowls Club B v Plough B
Green Dragon v Bowls Club A
FC Bulls v Blackwells
Plough A v Windmill
Anchor v Black Cat
Bell B v FC Stags


Highest Finish to date:
154 - Josh - Plough B

Singles: Football Club
Doubles: Black Cat
Finals: Bowls Club

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