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Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Venue: Bell
Time 8:00pm

Outcomes from the meeting
The format for the League is:
3 x Pairs playing three games of 501 - straight off. (9 legs in total)
6 x Singles playing one game of 501 - straight off. (6 legs in total & normally played for a beer)
Total legs = 15
Doubles: Each pair must be unique (i.e. the same pairing cannot play in more than 1 game). If a team cannot produce a unique pairing than they forfeit any game that cannot be played.
Singles: A player can only play in 1 game, forfeiting any game that cannot be played.
Captains Cup: 1 game of 501 - straight off. (doesn’t count towards the league but only the captains cup)
Warmup: only 6 darts warmup per player before commencement of a game.
Throwing distance is 7' 9 ¼” but ladies can, if they wish, throw from 7’ 6”
Qualification for cup competitions: To be eligible to play in KO Cup or League Cup semi-finals & finals a player must have played a minimum of 5 Matches (any matches in the League or Cups count) before commencement of the semi-finals & finals. The same ruling applies to the Single & Doubles competition.
Change of teams: The Bowls Club B has now left the league and the Chesham & Leyhill Golf Club has joined ( they will be known as Golf Club in fixtures)
Andy Fyfe will let me know there contact details when hes got them.
Commencement of the League
The league will now commence on Tueday 01 October 2019 with the League Cup Preliminary leg 1
Week 2 Tuesday 08 October 2019 will be the K/O Cup Preliminary & League Cup Preliminary leg 2
Draw for the 2019/20 Season
League Cup Prelim
Game1 Bowls Club Anchor
Game2 FC Stags Bell B
K/O Cup Prelim
Game1 Blackwells Windmill
Game2 Black Cat Plough
Venue Vote
Presentation & Finals evening Bowls Club
Singles Black Cat
Doubles Football Club
Ladies Singles Anchor

Could you let Andy or myself know if there is anything I've missed, The website will be "fleshed out" with the above infomation in the foreseeable future


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Next Game

League Cup
01 October 2019 Prelim Round  – 1st  Leg
Bowls Club
FC Stags
Bell B