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Site Updated : 22 September, 2014


Good Luck to one and all for the upcoming 2014/15 season. May your "arrows" fly true and straight

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The "Halfway House" are now playing their home games at the Bowls Club and are now know as the Bowls Club B

The Royal Oak has closed and the dart team will now play from Blackwells Chipperfield, the team will be called Blackwells.


League Cup
23 September 2014   Prelim Round  – 1st  Leg
30 September 2014   Prelim Round  – 2nd Leg
Blackwells v Black Cat
Green Dragon v Plough A
Windmill v Bell B
FC Stags v FC Bull
Knockout Cup
07 October 2014   Prelim Round
Plough B v Green Dragon
Black Cat v Plough A
FC Bull v Bowls Club A
Bowls Club B v Anchor