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Site Updated : 25 July, 2016

For consideration before the next captains meeting with is on:
Tuesday 6th September
8:30 at the Bell

1. Rule clarification
If any team hasn’t got enough players to field a full complement then the opposing captain can select ANY player or players from the opposition squad to fill the blank positions in the Matches. Note: The opposing captain CANNOT select any player or players that cause the same pairing to play in Match1 and Match2
If a team has only 5 - 6 players then they lose 1 game from Match 1 and 1 game from Match 2 (i.e. they cannot fill in the blank positions with 2 players that have already played) the opposing captain can select ANY player from the opposition squad to fill in ONE blank position in the Matches 1 and 2. In Match 3 (the Singles) the players may only play once and the team forfeits any games that they cannot play.

2. Registration
Each team will pay a £60.00 signing on fee – BEFORE the season commencement, preferably at the captains meeting so it's a no pay no play league.
This is to save the committee from having to dip into their own funds to pay for items before all the registration fees have been collected.

3. Trophies
We have trophies for the League, League cup, Memorial KO cup and Singles/Doubles competition but do we need the small individual trophies ( no one collected them at the last presentation evening ) as they are expensive and we could keep the registration fees down if we didn't have to buy them.

4. Venue Vote
Do we need a venue vote later in the season or should the captains decide on the venues (or some of them) at the preseason captains meeting?

The above notes
Provisional Fixture list
Table for the TEAM Draw